Attack on AMU – The Formation of the New Anti-National Institute!!

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Attack on AMU – The Formation of the New Anti-National Institute!!

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An acquaintance of mine, whose name is nothing short of an allegory, told me that she believes dilliwalas to be quite well aware of the socio-political environment around and about them. It’s pretty much a compliment for a person like me who, for more than half of her life stayed on the periphery and read the newspaper or watched prime-times only at the occurrence of any crucial phenomenon, i.e. when India won any titles or some other catastrophic juncture. Since it’s been validated by the woman, I am only but further encouraged to tip tap a few words about the current row sparked by Late Mr. MA Jinnah who incidentally has been a luminary figure during the freedom struggle of India and later on also happened to be the Qaid (founding father) of the neighbors!

History repeats itself.

The AMU row is a reminder that we did not learn from the JNU spat! That is why, and more because the Ram Mandir card cannot be flashed right away, therefore, here we have been dished out another controversy. Let me mind you, this is nothing but a way to detract the national attention and public sentiments towards non-issues and rake in some political points by dividing people in the wake of the Karnataka elections! And hence, the latest example of whataboutery has yet again gripped the nation in its throes!

Why I need to write this up is to present a comparatively sane voice of dissent amidst the mayhem, our country is repeatedly diving nose deep into. Though, I generally tend to not give into such atrocious pieces of filthy politics, but the problem here is staying quite makes the noise echo. And this noise is portraying my country in a very poor light all over the world… and I have a huge problem with this!

Aarefa Faridoon, an AMU alumnus who feels it’s not a mere university but a “jazba”, says, “it (AMU) had been on their radar for the longest period of time. And what better time to get into this row than this when we are just ahead of the elections.” The problem is we can all see through the schism, yet the government gives too hoots to the goondagardi!

I repeat none of this has anything remotely related to Jinnah’s portrait which had been hanging within the University campus since 1938, and can be still found peacefully hanging on countless other institutes all over the country. The attack on the University is more on a symbolic platform rather than a case of mere hooliganism. It’s the unprecedented zest of the shakha buddies to enter the university campuses, since education escaped them, so the ploys! There is a pattern to this madness. The shakha buddies are so unemployed that they are trying their way rather too hard to enter the university campuses.

photo credits: Ayesha Najeeb

So you see the, the irony is yet again at public display, unemployment is at the core of this pandemonium. First, they brought JNU in the limelight and made every student of the university an anti-national, now its AMU. The bhakts (read fascists) are once again busy brewing another batch of anti-nationals while the nation watches on with no pinch of remorse! And what is the state government doing… well, it’s busy charging the unarmed students selectively with Lathis without any warnings, while he perpetrators departed with police protection, kudos!

Something has to cover up the UP government’s failures, be it the eating-of-5-star-hotel-prepared-meals-in-Dalit-homes- fiasco, the Unnao rape case, Dr. Kafeel’s innocence or the plight of the 13 families dubbed as ‘drama’, you name it, the list is too long!

In the meantime, many have sidestepped the incident that took place in Delhi University’s renowned St Stephens College. What happened was a little hooliganism and vandalism, which we are pretty much used to. What’s with the same old chant of “mandir Yahi banega”! Man, you just turned a medieval tomb in Delhi into a temple. Here is a link to the story!!

What’s incredible is the fact that no amount of protest makes the head of the country, flinch from election campaign one bit, while the nations is burning in a conundrum of hate and bigotry! Rana Safvi, another famous AMU alumnus and literary figure, rightly questions – “will our universities become the battleground for politicians to target a community that will evoke extremism?” (read the entire article here). It’s time to question the government rather than being a mute spectator!

Fortunately, the country has not yet lost to Lucifer. The immense amount of support for the Aligarh Muslim University is a great encouragement for the people. The thuggery of the ‘Sangathan/ Shakha/ Sanstha’ or whatever brigade it is, can’t go on forever!

Stay strong AMU.

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