NEWS – Justice for Dr. Anis Ahmed Khan: Candle Light Vigil

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NEWS – Justice for Dr. Anis Ahmed Khan: Candle Light Vigil

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Last week we have lost a young colleague and a friend Dr. Anis Ahmad Khan who was teaching in the music department of the university on adhoc basis from past several years.. He was continuously harassed and faced curses of adhocism. He lost his life due to heart attack. He is survived by his wife and two children one daughter and one son who will face very tough life ahead. In absence of any social security for adhoc teachers the family is exposed to economic hardship.
Today many Anis (Adhoc and Temporary colleagues ) are also working in the same environment where they all face the suffering of adhocism in their daily life.The average age of adhoc teachers is reaching 40+ . At this stage of life, the uncertainties of job, lack of social security and exploitation/ harassment add fuel to the fire. As a result they are susceptible to many physical illnesses at some point of time because mind of adhoc teachers are always full of stress that lead to many diseases like depression, High BP, Diabetes,Cancer, Heart attack. Also we dont have medical facility including medical leave, in the absence of these adhoc Teachers need to come when they are suffering from even critical illnesses.

They keep bearing all kinds of exploitation /harassment to them in the hope of getting regularised in their respective positions some day but that day dosen’t come even after decades of service also. As we all know there have not been no serious effort by university administration of Regularisation /Appoinments from past several years.In such a scenario it is very much possible that this could happen with some other Anis also, so we all should come together and fight to seek justice to not only our friend Dr. Anil but for all ad-hoc/temporary teachers who are constantly working under exploitative, harassing and uncertain service conditions.
We have arranged a candle light vigil at Arts Faculty, DU on 10th May at 6 pm to give tribute to our Colleague Dr. Anis and also want to raise the following demands :-

1) Justice to Anis and his family by giving compensation.

2) Whosoever is responsible for his harassment and indulged into such inhuman practices which have led to these extreme situations where he lost his life, should be identified and punished.

3)Regularisation/Absorption on an immediate basis so that no other Anis loose his/her life due to stress and the curses of Adhocism.

Our Unity is the only strength we have in the present scenario So we all should come together and fight till the abolishment of Adhocism with the regulationsation of all present working Adhocs on an immediate basis.


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