Ramzan 2018: Roza Kushayi

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Ramzan 2018: Roza Kushayi

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Yess!! You read it right. It’s kushayi not khushayi. The word ‘roza-kushayi’ means breaking fast. The second half of ramzan is flooded with the invitations of the ceremony.

When shaitan is chained during ramzan, and people pray rigorously, they secretly want some change. Here, the change is just to have a little enjoyment, and not to drop the ball. To serve that purpose, the tradition of roza-kushayi started.

It is such a delight to gather families and friends on the occasion to have iftaar and  dinner together and bless the child who’s honored and observed his/her first roza. The child wears dazzling dress with the garland of roses, and currency notes as well. People give gifts and cash to the little rozedaar and the kid goes gaga over it grinning ear to ear.

It is the age-old tradition among Asian countries. In India, it is celebrated with great rituals. Purani Dilliwale say, “roza to nani ke han ka hota hai”. Now, the nanihal is required to buy gifts including gold, not only for the one who is observing fast, but for the siblings, parents, grand-parents, and the remaining dadihaal as well. It is reveling and relishing for those belonging to rich class.

Bechare ghareeb!!  They keep delaying it for the next year. When the news of roza-kushayi of grand children reaches nani house, it’s more of a bad news than a good one. Despite making them actually happy for the big event, they feel depressed for the lavish expenses they need to make by all means. They try to hold it on till next year and say, “abhi mamu ka manda chal rae”, “phir rakhwa lena, nana ka haath tang hai”, “mehngaayi bohot hai”, blah blah.

But all go in vain. Unfortunately, poor mamus never prosper, helpless nana’s business is not gonna flourish and mehngaayi toh you know, daayan khaaye jaat hai. Anyways, roza-kushayi has to happen, even if not in the same year, but delayed to the next one or the next to it.

We are all caught and trapped in this web. Why don’t we change the custom ? Why can’t we modify the system ? The poor will get relieved if the upper ones step down and promote simplicity, which is the mere essence of Islam. The way of Allah and his messenger   (pbuh) is so easy and uncomplicated, that everyone can follow it comfortably and feel prosperous.

Irrespective of the class, before the children reach adulthood, we should inculcate in them the importance of fasting and ramadan, so that they do not wait for the signals from their families to fast extravagantly and keep them simple.

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