Ramzan | Small & Easy Good Deeds for Big Rewards

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Ramzan | Small & Easy Good Deeds for Big Rewards

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Content & Photo By Samia Siddiqui

The Prophet  once said: “Allah definitely does not look at your bodies, nor your appearances. Rather he looks at your hearts.”

A wise man said :

“Adam ki kisi roop me tehqeer na karna, k phirta he zamaney me khuda bhes badal kar”

Areh! Beta,Ab iske kya paisey loon?”

I was in my way one day when the iftaar sairaan blew off .

Happened to cross this roohafza stall. As I was passing it this very kind gentleman offered me a glass .I took it and ask him how much it was?

The reply melted my heart when he said

“Areh! Beta, Ab iske kya paisey loon?”

Thought: How much would this guy be making per day yet this much of a big heart for little acts of kindness.

How often have we done that?

How often have we spent for a complete stranger just out of kindness

-Turkman gate, Old Delhi.

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