Winki Phuppo Ka Roza-aur-iftari

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Winki Phuppo Ka Roza-aur-iftari

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“Boooooom” with the sound of siren it’s mandatory for all fasting people to break their fast. Maghrib time is the beginning of iftaar which usually starts with “khajoor” (dates) and then iftaar turns into iftaar party with numerous finger licking food items which includes “kachaaloo” (fruit chaat) , boiled chaney ki daal, choley, garma-garam pakodey, rang-birange sharbat and much much more.

Photo By Sadia Syed

With Qeemey ke samose and qeemey ki goliyaan iftaar turns so much more delicious. During Ramzan, Variety of all seasonal fruits are available in every gali kucha.

And to make your fruit chaat more chatori and chatpati “jumma chaat masala” is one the most famous brand and your mouth starts watering by just looking at the riwayti sheereydaar kachaaloo.

Photo By Sadia Syed

Home made pakodey on dastarquan will always be cherry on the cake. If you are on diet, trust me you won’t be able to implement it during ramzan. All you can do is “Islamic diet” which means after eating everything you just pray to Allah to loose weight. Apart from chaat pakodey “sharbat ka gilaas” gives you too much relief and satisfaction to your dry throat. This amazing month of Ramzan is not just the month of blessings but it is utterly butterly delicious also.

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