Dilliwala by heart : Sikander Mirza Changezi

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Dilliwala by heart : Sikander Mirza Changezi

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“मुझ में दिल्ली है और दिल्ली में मैं।”

Changezi Sahaab’s outlook towards Dilli and life too, justifies the above phrase completely. He is a 55 yrs old humble man whose entire life has always revolved in and around his beloved Dilli. The look and charm in his eyes remind us of a child. He somehow always manages to make people smile with his cheerfulness whenever he finds something really funny. An epitome of wisdom, he stands as one of the most splendid examples of Dilliwaalas by heart. Changezi Saahab said, ” हम लोग यहां शाहजहां के समय पर आए थे, और तब से यहि के होकर रह गए। “
On insisting, he recited to us a rhythmic poetic piece of the places he has visited, in just one go. He is such a positive and energetic person that he, to a great extent transfers his positivity and energy to everybody around him. He has been in his Dilli-6 since his birth and he absolutely has no plans of leaving it, ever!
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