First hand experience of Urdu Heritage festival 2018

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First hand experience of Urdu Heritage festival 2018

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Uff, I probably do not know how to begin writing about this six-day Gala event that took my breath away.

10th November started off on a pretty good note with me being in my best mood. As soon as I got out of the metro station I could already hear the qawwali going on in Central Park, Connaught place.

I had absolutely no expectations from this event but as the days and with it the events started unfolding I felt a strange urge to be there a little more, to feel the Vibe a little more. I remember roaming and witnessing many programmes alone yet I never felt lonely. For these 6 days, I belonged to this place, I was somewhere, I had a thikana where I wanted to be so badly. I was with people who unknowingly became my family for these 6 days and were very supportive throughout. I remember this Punjabi aunty sitting next to me and reciting each and every word of an old song that the artist was performing and later on confessing to me that the song still manages to bring her goosebumps, I didn't know her and neither did she but there was this unseen Bond that the Urdu Heritage festival had created amongst us. I hope to see such events taking place in the large number. I hope this legacy sustains itself for long, where we rise above the questions of 'You', 'I' and 'They', where there is 'we' that becomes the prevalent norm.

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