Walled City Empowerment Movement #WEMOVE

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Walled City Empowerment Movement #WEMOVE

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Walled City Empowerment Movement
An Umbrella Organisation of Various NGOs of Walled City
1336, Pahari Imli, Chooriwalan, Jama Masjid, Delhi-110006; E.Mail:
walledcitymovement@gmail.com WE-Move

19 demands for Election 19

Dear Sir/Madam
We, the people belong to various non-government organizations of Walled City
(Shahjahanabad), want to humbly submit the following:

1. It is a matter of immense anguish & deep concern that all political parties have neglected
the Walled City (Shahjahanabad) deliberately and didn’t mention/announce any
development plan or package for the same in their election manifestoes for the
forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

2. It is not a new story of ignorance and negligence. BJP lead NDA Government changed
the route of India’s Republic Day Parade and the historical streets of Walled City
(Shahjahanabad) didn’t witness any parade since 26 January 2002. On the other hand, the
State Government of Congress has totally ignored the Walled City (Shahjahanabad)
during the development works for Common Wealth Games 2010. The historical city was
used as an attraction for a “Heritage Walk” during the games but only God knows if a
single rupee was spent in its development. Likewise, AAP government didn’t give the
due part to the walled city in the health and education sectors.

3. We, the people of historical Walled City (Shahjahanabad), want to draw your attention
towards the above-cited anguishing facts and discriminative acts of central and state
governments as well as political parties.


1. There are not enough private schools situated in Walled City/Shahjahanabad/Old Delhi or
neighbourhood areas and no private school of Delhi/New Delhi gives due consideration to
the students/applicants/children of this area. So, the education of the children, living in Walled City Empowerment Movement the area is not according to the demand of times. On the other hand, the entire area of the walled city and its extension are notified as Slum Designated Area (SDA) under the Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act 1956. Therefore, it was not possible to establish new schools in this area either by the government or the public. Hence, the entire population of this area belong to a disadvantaged group that lives in the slum area and has no enough schools for their children. Therefore, we urge you that a sub-quota must be reserved in all private schools of Delhi/New Delhi in each category i.e. General, EWS and Disadvantaged Group for the students of Walled City/Shahjahanabad/Purani Dilli. It must also be ensured that at least two students or five percent of children belonged to Walled City (Shahjahanabad) should be admitted in each section of all classes.

2. Likewise, there are not enough hospitals because of the above-said reasons. The city
witnessed many incidents when patients couldn’t reach the hospital and passed away or
delivered infants on road.

3. At least five 10-Bedded and five 20-Bedded well-equipped hospitals/health/Lifesaving
centres with the facility of nursing staff, doctors, equipments, medicines and ambulance
etc. must be established for 24×7 emergency service within the walled city in the coming one
a year and three 50-Bedded hospitals with two ambulances should follow in the next one

4. The Union and State Governments should collaborate and provide the needed land for
schools and hospitals within the walled city and establish the same as soon as possible.

5. All the standards and parameters required for the establishment of new educational
institutions and health centres must be reviewed for Walled City/Shahjahanabad/Old
Delhi and may be modified/relaxed/altered/amended accordingly so that some new
schools and health centres can be established in this congested vicinity.

6. Involvement of multiple agencies in any single work shall be abolished and ‘One Work,
One Agency’ system should be introduced for smooth and speedy works. If we talk about
the roads, they should be dug, constructed and maintained by any one agency only.
Likewise, street lights and sewage system etc. must also be handed over to ‘one agency’
or department.

7. We need “pothole-free roads” and need repairing of all the roads with pits and new roads
of international standards.

8. Footpaths belong to pedestrians only and we want to walk in our city. But they all are
occupied by the shopkeepers and parking mafia etc. Now we want our footpaths back,
emptied and cleaned, to walk easily.

9. Wire webs are horrible and a cause of concern in Delhi and we need a cable-less sky at
earliest. Proper cabling and fixing of all the overhead wires which are a huge fire hazard
in the busy and narrow lanes.

10. Water treatment plants of Delhi used to shut down 4-5 times in a year because some
illegal factories of Sonipat and Panipat causing shoot-up of ammonia level in the water of
Delhi. Such illegal factories must be closed/shifted within six months after the formation of the new government which are producing hazardous wastes like ammonia which is polluting
the underground potable water and is a silent threat to the health and sanitation of the

11. A minority community of India elects Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee for
management of their properties while another minority has no right to elect the Chairman
and the Managing Committee of Wakf Boards. The Managing/Executive
Committee/Body/Council must be elected by the concerned minority community and the
The government will have no role to play but to conduct free and fair elections for the same.

12. An “MP-Monitoring Cell” must be established in each assembly constituency of the area
which shall work on two objectives only.

(a) To work as a permanent link between MP
and people of the area.

(b) To entertain all oral/written grievances of the people,
register/send them to the concerned department with a covering letter of MP on behalf of
the people and follow up on them actively.

13. At least 30% funds of MPLADS of Chandni Chowk Constituency must be spent in the
walled city area as it belongs to three assembly constituencies out of total ten. i.e.
Ballimaran, Chandni Chowk and Matia Mahal.

14. Books purchased under MPLADS must be given/gifted to public libraries based in
Walled City/Shahjahanabad/Old Delhi.

15. MPLADS can be used to support and revive the government aided schools/institutions of the walled city. This fund can be utilized as per the needs of the schools/institutions and
union/state/local government agencies should support to complete the task without any
hurdle. This fund can also be used to extension/expansion/repairing/modernization of the
building time to time as well as to develop computer laboratories, smart boards and
audio-visual aids in the school because these schools are not getting enough grant/aid
from the state government.

16. MP must ensure to rebuild two destroyed skywalks between Farash Khana and Nabi
Karim as well as Mor Sarai to Hamilton Road (Kashmiri Gate).
17. Walled City/Shahjahanabad/Old Delhi shall be declared a “Special City” and a special
board should be established that will think, plan and execute for development of Walled
City/Shahjahanabad/Old Delhi only.

18. Beautification and restoring of all heritage sites/buildings of the walled city must be initiated
soon after the elections. These sites should be declared “No Tolerance Zones” and must be
free from garbage and encroachments.

19. Trifurcation of Municipal Corporation of Delhi must be revert because of the revenue
system of the corporation has collapsed after the trifurcation of corporation and public also
suffering from this trifurcation as services have not to be given to the public up to the mark.

Humble Request/Prayer:

It is humbly requested to your good self to kindly include the following five points in your
party’s manifesto with immediate effect so that the people of Walled City/Shahjahanabad/Old
Delhi do not feel deceived and may think to vote for development and betterment of the
historical city. Looking for your kind consideration and approval.

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