Afreen Afreen- a day long Urdu festival in City

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Afreen Afreen- a day long Urdu festival in City

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What’s Happening? 

‘Afreen Afreen’ is an annual literary festival of Hindustani Awaaz, an organization started by writer and translator Dr. Rakshanda Jalil, to promote Urdu-Hindi Literature and Culture.  
 The festival itself is the gem for all Urdu enthusiasts, as it features a range of sessions devoted to different genres of Urdu poetry. There will be singing performances of noted classical singers like Vidya Shah, Dhruv Sangari and Rashmi Agarwal.  
From Recitation to Performances, this event will be touching several themes of love, loss and life. All in all, Afreen Afreen will be celebrating diverse culture through Urdu zaban, which you can’t afford to miss this weekend. 

Where to Come? 

Venue: Amphitheater, IHC 
Date:    9 Nov 2019 
No Prior registration 
Entry is totally free 
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About Afsha Naaz

She is a cultural enthusiast. She is a true dilliwali whose heart resides in the narrow lanes of Delhi, where the smell and smoke of food embrace diversity. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from Miranda House College, University of Delhi. But equally believes in hearing Walls as in reading Words. Besides being unpoetic herself, she loves Urdu poetry. She is an avid wanderlust who has travelled around the country and amazed at the intricacies of Creation. Through her writings, she aspires to fill the gaps, and connect people closely with each other.

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