“Attitude is common, Dillitude is Classy “

~Abu Sufiyan

Purani Dilli – It’s an awesome mixture of everything and world’s most “ORGANISED MESS”.
Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein (Pdwkb) apprises about the lifestyles of the veracious residents of the old part of the city. Dilli – 6 is not just a meager pin code but a concoction of varied culture’s and “tehzeeb” extolling amicable interwoven life of disparate communities and religions.

Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein (Pdwkb) is a brainchild of an engineer who plunged into this venture of digitizing Shahjahanabad’s Arts, Cuisine, Culture, Dialect, Lifestyle, Nostalgia, Heritage & History of Old Delhi with a mere act of creating a Facebook page on the 7th of June, 2013. Our inducement is to safeguard the dilapidated heritage and culture of Shahjahanabad. The foundation is growing bigger and better with time as the number of dilliwalas volunteering in this journey and we aim to bring to you the best of the city. Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein has been in venture for 6 years and owned by Abu Sufiyan’s company Tech Charmers. We have mastery over the Arts, Cuisine, Culture, Dialect, Lifestyle, Music, Heritage & History of Old Delhi and gaining more knowledge with an unending passion for learning and exploring this enchanting city.



chandni chowk old delhi archives 1857 purani dilli walo ki baatein pdwkb

Think of Delhi, Think Beyond time, Imagine the tales that occur centenaries ago; The symbol of faith, the sort of magic this city hold.You may find richest of rich, you may find poorest of poor. You may find the mean people, you may find the kind as well.
Experience with us the most amazing street food, the best restaurants, the history this city has, And antique awesomeness.
It’s an awesome mixture of everything and world’s most organized mess. And last but not the least, one can testify all the shadow of this part of the country.


Abu Sufiyan

Abu Sufiyan is an engineer and a Delhiite to the core, enthused by his love and care for Delhi and its cultural varieties, Sufiyan started Purani Dilli Walon Ki Baatein an ever-evolving notion which provides freedom to natives and strangers to explore Delhi like never before. #Mubango, the signature of Sufiyan is all about belonging to the roots, caring about the community, taking pride in his lineage and giving it back to the society in a thousand ways. The analogy [...]

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Khalil Ahmad

Khaleel Ahmad, businessperson and an engineer, born and raised in Old Delhi, Khaleel Ahmad is well aware of the issues concerning people of Old Delhi. According to him, Shahjahanabad is “the real Delhi”. Familiar and well versed with the history of the Walled City as well as its culture and geography, he hopes to preserve the rich stories of Old Delhi for the rest of the world and future generations. Presently, he is a manager of the oldest institution of Delhi [...]

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Muhammad Naeem

Muhammad Naeem, entrepreneur by profession and the man with the ideas and the inspiration. He is the mind behind PDWKB’s Heritage Walks. He has a lot of experience of Social work as he is the President of one of the oldest NGO’s of Delhi called Delhi Youth Welfare Association. His work has allowed him many opportunities to visit extensively to different corners of old Delhi. He is especially interested in capturing people and monuments and he loves to spend [...]

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Sikandar Mirza Changezi

Sikandar Mirza Changezi is 52 and lives with his family at Pahari Imli. Sikander Mirza Changezi is a descendant of the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan and he claims that his great great grandfather saved all artefacts and collected more when he was employed in the court of the Maharaja of Alwar in the late 19th Century. His Father Naseem Mirza Changezi was a Freedom Fighter and Ally of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. He has a rare collection of manuscripts, coins, daggers, clothes and a [...]

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Mohammad Haaris

Haaris is a heritage-enthusiast and a working professional. He is graduated from the University of Delhi. A resident of Shahjahanabad, Haaris is well informed about the cultures and tradition of the ancient city and believes Old Delhi is a hub of customs and values. He is the part of the organization from its initial level. He actively participates in all the activities and he has a special character on our page called “Lafanga Parinda”.

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Samreen Abdul Ahad

Samreen Abdul Ahad is a strong believer of the fact that our heritage sites are akin to our houses and should be treated with the same affection, care and reverence. The uncaring approach with which the various heritage sites are being handled in Shahjahanabad today not only saddens her but has also led her to work for their upliftment. Through Purani Dilli Walon ki Baatein, Samreen hopes to initiate a drive towards making people aware about their history and their [...]

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Sadia Syed

Being a proud inhabitant of Shahjahanabad, Sadia Syed derives her sense of culture and tradition from Delhi's rich and vibrant heritage and its Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb. She is the sixth generation descendant of Mazhar Ali Khan, a nineteenth-century artist in the Mughal era. Saddened by the gradual demise of the prolific heritage, she is driven by the prospect of nourishing the legacy through virtual means by playing the character of winki phuppo on the page. She has completed her graduation [...]

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Farheen Naaz

An altruist from the Walled city, an educationist, social activist, nature lover, and a change maker. Having a master’s degree in Education, Farheen Naaz aspires to pursue a Ph.D in Human Right; Peace Education and to work for the improvement of education standards of Old Delhi. Her Love for Purani Dilli has grown manifolds after joining PDWKB. She has an experience of over 8 years in her bucket working in the education field and has served at many organizations of repute. Currently, [...]

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Tamjeed Uddin

An antiquity major and a proud inhabitant of Old Delhi, Tamjeed Uddin is well cognizant of the tradition of the Walled City of Delhi. Through PDWKB, he hopes to discover and preserve the cultural glory of the imperial Mughal city of Shahjahanabad, which has been witnessing a gradual loss of history due to urbanization and modernization since the 20th century. Tamjeed is a lover of kite flying and he loves to do that. Having lived all his life in the [...]

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Jawwad Iqbal

Jawwad Iqbal lives in Old Delhi and is a member of Delhi Youth Welfare Association, which manages the Hazrat Shah Waliullah Public Library in Old Delhi. Jawwad not only reads and apprehends the rich and valuable texts, many of them dating to early 19th century, but also contributes in preservation and restoration of the thousands of books there. It was, in fact, the deteriorating conditions of the books (read the history and heritage of Shahjahanabad), that got him involved [...]

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Liaquat Ali

Zealous about working on the imperial city as a photographer, Liaquat Ali is a philanthropist who has completed 15 years in social work. Born and raised in Old Delhi, Liaquat is an advisor at PDWKB. Currently based in New Delhi as a Teacher in a government school. Liaquat loves watching movies, reading and travelling. He contributes photographs and articles for pdwkb.

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RJ Anas Faizi

Anas Faizi is an RJ, a teacher, a keen reader, researcher and a storyteller. M.A. in Urdu Literature, from the University of Delhi, has been attached to his culture and surroundings not just in his study but also in a practical way. Whether it’s art, heritage or culture Anas’s expertise and practical engagement with travelers is attained with the perfect richness of delivering an experience as per the requirements of the walk to a point of absolute satisfaction. He publishes [...]

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